Eat Like a King

ChiAm was created to serve quality meat, farm-grown vegetables and organic choices, as well as signature dim sum dishes. We are proud to offer high quality food options at affordable prices to our patrons.

Chiam Restaurant Las Vegas

Where is Dim Sum From?

As known from history, all Kings loved good food, drinks, and entertainment. Thousands of years ago, the King of China was angry with his hundreds of chefs and said, “Why do you all cook so much food that I could not possibly finish and enjoy it all?” The King told his chefs to come up with a solution that would allow the King to try a little bit of everything.

The chefs found a solution and created Dim Sum, small delicate dishes of extremely well prepared food for the King and palace to enjoy. When the King tasted the Dim Sum he fell in love with it and insisted it be part of his meals every day. For thousands of years, Dim Sum was never seen or served in the public and was only available in the King’s palace. Since then, Dim Sum has become a popular menu item for everyone to enjoy and ChiAm is proud to offer fresh, healthy, affordable Dim Sum to you.

As we all know, so many years ago, food was made with natural, fresh ingredients and MSG never existed. ChiAm’s Dim Sum is created using recipes from the King’s era; so all of our Dim Sum is prepared with high quality ingredients, and we never use MSG.

We hope everyone enjoys ChiAm Dim Sum and feels like a King!


To bring happiness to the world by being the leading choice in Asian cuisine with fresh and healthy options and through the emotional connections between our guests and our champion customer service team.

H -appiness
I -ntegrity
A -spiration
M -eaningful